If you've ever wondered what I was referring to when I alluded to Minoteaur and its history of being rewritten a lot, I finally wrote it up: https://osmarks.net/minoteaur/

Datasette is proving a surprisingly good replacement for Recoll as a personal search tool. I wrote a somewhat terrible Python script to dump my videos folder's metadata and subtitles into SQLite for it. I haven't worked out how to remove/transform columns from/in the default view nicely yet though. Maybe it would make sense to literally just use an SQLite VIEW.

I don't usually watch talks, but this one made it into my watch queue for some reason I forgot, and it is very based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESXOAJRdcwQ

It's interesting that the user-friendlier/mass-market open-source AI tools (notably LLaMA inference and various Stable Diffusion frontends) seem to mostly be for generative tasks. I think there's a possible niche for more "boring" software for things like smarter search (e.g. I have search over my meme library using clip-retrieval, but it's somewhat out of reach of the average user's knowledge), although it might also be the sort of thing which gets commoditized and incorporated into OSes and such.

Meme Search Engine mse.osmarks.net
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I'm envious of the people who consistently get 50% accuracy on Aaronson oracles. How are they doing it? Do they just have a lot more free will than me?

Aaronson Oracle roadtolarissa.com

The GPT-4 launch was annoying for me in many ways, but I do still love the fact that for several days they accidentally (I think) gave out free access to it, including the unreleased multimodal capabilities, as a leaked Discord bot.

I have no idea how discoverability is supposed to work in the Fediverse, which makes it quite hard to look up how discoverability is supposed to work.

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